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At MiMSP, we are always ready to help and respond to you’re IT problems quickly. We offer a lot more than just support and response, by partnering with you, we provide value to your business, by focusing on you’re IT systems, ensuring they are running the best they can be, allowing you to do what you do best, you’re business.


Why wait for things to go wrong?


Why pay break/fix?


What’s better a quick fix or not having the problem in the first place?

We provide a proactive approach to IT systems. By maintaining your infrastructure and security systems, you are less likely to experience downtime and problems.

With essential monitoring and best practices, we’ll see and resolve the little problems before they become bigger problems, helping protect your business from downtime and loss of revenue


You will also have a dedicated IT Director. Who will work closely with you, to create an IT roadmap recommending what you need to do, to take you where you want to go in order to reach your business aspirations.


When you have an IT problem, it is important that you can reach your IT support company promptly and you are provided with a rapid response, our helpdesk staff are available via Telephone and Email to help or dispatch an engineer to you if the problem cannot be resolved remotely. We are located in Knowsley Business Park, close to major transport links. So we are never far away.

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